Work to DETER and STOP Mega sites like Project Haystack

What works?

1.   Actively support commissioners on your side, like Henning and Branson

2.   Post yard signs everywhere as they send a stern message to the community and developers. Keep them short and to the point; “No Mega site Here” or ” No to Project Haystack”.

[They must be off the state road right of way]

3.   Write letters – including to the Governor and Secretary of Commerce

4.   Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper.

5.   Attend your local Commissioners meeting in force, with everyone wearing the same color.

6.   Take out a full page ad in the News & Record

7.   Run for commissioner

Do you have other ways to DETER and STOP mega sites like these? If so, please get involved and contact us today!



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