In the News

January 19, 2017: Published by Rhino Times

County Parks & Facilities May Stop Being Strange Bedfellows

April 6, 2016: Published by Rhino Times

Prison Farm Canine Hotel

January 12, 2016: Published by News & Record

Counterpoint: Rich Fork needs champion like Bridges

November 7, 2015: Published by News & Record

Guilford commissioners intrigued but not jumping at new prison farm proposal

October 29, 2015: Published by Rhino Times

Branson Saves Best News for Last at Prison Farm Meeting

October 24, 2015: Published by News & Record

Guilford County Commissioner: Alamance County walking away from prison farm site

Letter Published by Alamance News

Residents comments bring secret discussion into the open

October 15, 2015: Published by News & Record

Let prison farm site remain open space

October 8, 2015: Published by News & Record

Susan Ladd: Plans and progress on parks and open space

October 8, 2015: Published by Rhino Times

Keeping Fingers Crossed, Mouths Shut on use of prison farm land

October 8, 2015: Published by News & Record

Wildlife Foundation asking for Guilford County Prison Farm Land

May 14, 2014: Published by News & Record

Ag official criticizes Project Haystack
May 12, 2014: Published by Triad Business Journal
Ag commissioner Troxler has ‘concerns’ about Project Haystack
May 8, 2014: Published by Rhino Times

NC Ag Commissioner Wants to Mow Down Project Haystack

April 27, 2014: Published by The Times News

Pay to Play?

April 18, 2014: Published by High Point Enterprise

Rural threat? Officials hear concerns about development
April 14, 2014: Published by The Burlington Time News
Prison grown: Inmates grow plants for sale at Guilford Prison Farm
April 5, 2014: Published by The Burlington Times News
Plan for developing Guilford prison farm still in discussion
March 28, 2014: Published by News & Record
Opposition sprouts on plan for Guilford County prison farm
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