Call to Action: SAVE the Guilford County Prison Farm

Call to Action: SAVE the Guilford County Prison Farm

Prevent Proposed Sale of 111 Acres of Guilford County Farm for Factory.

The proposed county to county sale does not have to go out for bids, so it could happen fast.
According to the Rhino and other sources a vote this Thursday is not impossible though it is not scheduled.
Alamance Commissioners want to buy the 111 acres of the County Farm that lie in Alamance to give or sell to a European airplane parts industry. Their low offer was rejected and Guilford is studying a comeback offer.

Will you help with these 5 possible actions?

1. Contact Guilford and/or Alamance Commissioners & Burlington City Council.
2. Come this Thursday October 1st, at 5:30 p.m. to the Guilford Commissioners Meeting… and speak in the 3 minute comment period. Come early to sign for a spot. 2nd floor, Old County Courthouse, 301 W. Market Street
3. Spread the word. People simply do not know what is going on.
4. Put up yellow Protect Farmland signs if your yard is near the County Farm.
5. Write letters to the editor.

As illogical as it may seem to put an industry this far from the Interstate and bring water and sewer to it, this sale is on the way to going through. We could have a factory on County Farm acres as step one in further industrial development. And even if this industry turns down the incentives, we would have to deal with two county governments who want to sell or give the land away.

A strong response could turn this around. We have done it before.

Please take action and reply with any requests for signs or with your ideas or questions.


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